❞ Care for your tattoo as you would for your heart.

Welcome to Tattoo Mender - where the art continues long after the ink has set.

Tattoo Mender is the result of an exciting merger between an entrepreneur with a passion for skin care and an experienced tattoo artist with deep knowledge of aftercare. The idea of ​​being able to offer a complete range of products to care for tattooed skin in a unique and deliberate way led to the design of Post Tattoo Care.

Our brand was born out of a frustration with the lack of quality tattoo aftercare on the market. We realized that existing products were not specifically designed for tattooed skin and lacked the updated ingredients and effects that we strived to offer. We decided to make a difference and create something exceptional.

The tattoo industry is known to be traditional and there are few brands that have been accepted and embraced by the tattoo community. That is why we have chosen to collaborate with some of Sweden's most prominent tattoo studios and master tattoo artists.

We have developed products that we ourselves believe in and are proud to use. Our focus is on the ingredients and principles that we have chosen to include in our products, rather than what we have avoided. We strive to create security by offering the right product for something that will adorn your body forever. In addition, our vision is deeply rooted in minimizing the impact on animals and nature. We are dedicated to creating a brand that promotes long-term beauty and wellness.

Sara Jäderholm - founder of Tattoo Mender & CEO of Mender Sweden AB

We look forward to taking the tattoo world by storm

Paulo Garcia Carrasco - co-founder of Tattoo Mender & Studio Merentis

Many have tried but failed - until now