Mender Sweden AB uses so-called cookies. A cookie is a small text file consisting of letters and numbers that is stored on your computer and contains information that is used to improve the website for you. Mender Sweden AB uses cookies for statistical purposes, follow what visitors do on the website, improve your customer experience and provide you with relevant information and offers.

Two types of cookies

1. Permanent cookie. The permanent cookie saves a file on your computer to be able to customize the website according to your wishes, choices and interests or the fact that you have visited the page before.

2. Session cookie. The session cookie is sent between your computer and the server while you visit the website and disappears when you close your browser.

Tattoo Mender's website uses both permanent cookies and session cookies. Permanent cookies are used so that you do not repeatedly receive certain one-time information and session cookies are used so that you can log in to various services.

You can choose not to accept cookies in your browser, but then the website will not function optimally.

What cookies does use?

Tattoo Mender's website uses cookies in order for certain functionality on the website, such as the shopping cart and checkout, to work.

Advertising, Marketing and Analytics Services:

Google Ads - for advertising in Google.
Google Ads Remarketing - used for remarketing.
Google Analytics -
to analyze how visitors use the site and track what they do.
Facebook Ads - implemented pixel on the site to customize the ad content of Facebook's advertising program.
Youtube - we use Youtube videos on the site.
Instagram - we link between Instagram and the site.